I’ve made a goal this year. Well, more than one. Firstly, Kyle and I have decided that we are going to camp more. Helloooo, Maryland state parks! Really starting to think that since it’s so cold outside we’ll soon be pitching the tent in the living room, but who cares? I’m thinking this might have to happen tomorrow night.

But I have another goal. And it is to start this very food blog. It’s been on the agenda for so long, and I’m finally getting to it. I will admit, I’m no photographer, but I really do love learning about and making all kinds of foods, so expect to see a variety! Over the past year, I’ve realized how important it is to watch what we eat. And I don’t mean just buy whatever says it’s fat free, organic, and reduced whatever. What I’m talking about is trying to eat whole, natural, homemade foods that leave out all of the artificialness. And we’re not perfect, but this is my attempt to make our diet a little healthier along the way. All in my teeny, tiny kitchen. :)